How to increase comfort in your home

When designing rooms in your home, every area has a different need and requires a different look. The bedroom needs to be designed with style in mind, yet also comfort. This is the place that should induce a soothing and peaceful effect, and there are numerous ways to achieve this.

Room size

Lets look at the size of the room, is it large or more of a box room, has it awkward corners or dull areas? Should you be lucky enough to have a large bedroom, complete with floor to ceiling windows, designing this space is a lot easier. The problems arise with smaller rooms, some of which have sloping ceilings or other oddly shaped areas which are hard to navigate.

If you wish to apply patterned wallpaper to the bedroom, opt for just the one feature wall as opposed to all four. Applying the same pattern to each and every space can create a claustrophobic effect of the walls closing in on you.

Buying into matching furniture is a great way to keep the design of the room flowing. Placing random, odd pieces in several different spaces will only create a cluttered effect. With clever detailing however, this can work to create an eclectic style.

Bedroom comfort

If we are lucky, we spend at least eight hours every evening in the bedroom. With this in mind, it is important to create a comforting and relaxing space. The bed is the most dominant piece in the room and requires a good mattress. Skimping on a mattress may cause back problems later in life so it’s best to invest your money wisely.

 are a great option which house individual springs in fabric pockets so that you get a better level of support whilst asleep. The springs respond to the weight and pressure of your body individually which means they adapt to your specific size and build.

Prior to buying a mattress, you should . The mattress in question should comfortably fit both individuals sleeping upon it and should be at least 10cm longer than the tallest person. In order to check that the mattress offers enough support your hand should fit snugly behind the small of your back when lying down on it.

A room for living in

The living room is a room used by all; it should therefore be catered to a variety of different needs. This is often where all members of the family will come together in order to watch a film or television show, entertain guests and even dine as a family. Placing the television on the wall allows everyone in the room to view the screen with ease.

L-shaped sofas are a good and comfortable option for those with large families or who entertain often while thick carpets or soft, fluffy rugs ensure that this space is kept cosy. Dress the sofas and chairs with cushions and throws for extra warmth and comfort and match the colour and design of these to other soft furnishings, such as the curtains, for a seamless style.

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